== she sucks

Why She ROCKS!! Edit

NOTE: InquisitorMaster is known for her funny gameplays and sassy, yet funny remarks.

    1. She is very sweet and entertaining.
      • Speaking of this, Inquisitormaster is called a, "Family-Friendly" YouTuber for a reason.
    2. She isn't like the other YouTubers who cuss all the time.
    3. Her fans are incredibly supportive. Once you upload a video about Inquisitormaster, you will be bombarded on the comments, and her videos are great time killers. Just like Jared Valdez, and Julius Coles in the past, their fanbase who bombarded CodesterProductions' Videos. Or even worse, they got reported for cussing. Let that just sink the heck in.
    4. She cannot take criticism of any kind, she is too sensitive. Just like nerves. A sensitive being.
    5. As mentioned in No. 2, her fans are usually 8-years-old, so she could be considered to be a "Family-Friendly" YouTuberYouTuber.
    6. She "online dates" on Roblox, but let's remember, it's only rp. People who took it too far, ended up getting kidnapped. Or worse, killed. Not to mention, you all know good and well you've online dates on Roblox, or saw someone else doing it. LET THAT SINK IN YOU YOUR THICK BRAIN.
    7. Almost all of her videos are GAMEPLAYS. You get it.
    8. Other than Roblox videos, she makes very cute/funny prank videos.
    9. Her channel name honestly should have some kind of comedy theme. Since that's what most of her videos can be classified as.
    10. She is an intelligent, beautiful, smart young lady.
    11. She most likely plays games like Adopt games and Girls Hangouts.
    12. She makes us all laugh. DUH!!
    13. She is actually a sweet person. I met her irl.
    14. Her tweet about Julius Cole's video, even his Twitter account. Also, ZacharyZaxor was talked about "Inquisitormaster is the worst" video, and he said, "she don't want to be exposed", or uses other excuses.  Thankfully, his video got loads of dislikes. So there.
    15. She will give you free mercy of you follow her Insta, Twitter, and Snapchat and comment on your favourite post on "#freemerch" all of those social medias.
    16. Most of her fans were WAY too silly. 
    17. She also advertises her merchandise every single time in the beginning of her videos so if you're new, and that's the first video you've seen, you can consider buying her merch.