Reasons why this mentally deficient cock licking slut sucks.

She is guilty for Rude-Off Camera, manipulates her own fans, and she influences Online Dating. Also, she clickbaits other videos.

Why She Sucks Edit

NOTE: The main reason that caused her to be infamous is because she changed her mind into "more profits and less costs" businesses. This is what caused all of the problems below.

  1. She cussed her own fans.
    • Speaking of cussing, Inquisitormaster was a socalled, "Family-Friendly" YouTuber.
  2. She Online Dates her fans without recording it. Keep in mind, Inquisitormaster was too old to play Roblox, due to Online Dating.
  3. Her fans are incredibly toxic. Once you upload a video about Inquisitormaster, you will be bombarded on the comments, and your video has many dislike. Just like Jared Valdez, and Julius Coles in the past, their fanbase who bombarded CodesterProductions' Videos. Or even worse, you got false reported for telling the truth. Let that sink in.
  4. She cannot take criticism of any kind, she will view it as harassment. Just like Digital Homicide, a shovelware steam developer.
  5. As mentioned in No. 2, her fans are usually 8-years-old, so she could be considered to be a pedophile
  6. She says Online Dating is Roleplay. Even through, it's not permited. So it's not okay. Let that sink in.
  7. Almost all of her videos are clickbait.
  8. Other than online dating videos, she makes very bad prank videos.
  9. Her channel name is way to long it should just be "Inquisitormaster". Why can't just changed her name to "Alex_Comedy13", or "Real_AlexComedy"?!
  10. She flooded the roblox community with toxic ODers who report other robloxians just for reporting them.
  11. She most likely supports shovelware games like Adopt games and Boys and Girls Hangouts.
  12. She broke the Roblox rules, Online dating is NOT allowed in Roblox.
  13. She took down Greenlegocats123's video (His video was came back), and then she blocked his Twitter.
  14. Her tweet about Julius Cole's video, even his Twitter account. Also, ZacharyZaxor was talked about "Inquisitormaster is the worst" video, and he said, "he don't want to be exposed", or uses excuses. Sadly, his video got loads of dislikes. So that is hypocritical.
  15. She is also a scammer as she does many RAP scams in her videos.
  16. Most of her fans were WAY too immature, due to emoji spam, capital spam, even uses excuses like "Jealous".
  17. She also advertises her merchandise every single time in the beginning of her videos.